Friday, May 29, 2015

Events: 'Rethinking Hell' Conference 2015 2nd Annual Event at Fuller Theological Seminary, June 18 - 20

Washington, D.C. - May 29, 2015 (God Inspires) -- The Rethinking Hell project, referred to in the New York Times as "leading proponents" of conditional immortality, is pleased to announce the second annual Rethinking Hell Conference 2015, held June 18 to 20 at Fuller Theological Seminary, (135 N Oakland Ave, Pasadena, CA 91101). The conference theme - "Conditional Immortality and the Challenge of Universal Salvation" has attracted a lineup of evangelical scholars and theologians who will present six plenary presentations, breakout discussion meetings, and panel talks that are open to public attendance and participation. The views represented and defended by speakers will include views commonly known as 'traditionalism (eternal conscious torment),' 'conditional immortality,' and 'universalism.'

Tickets for admission to the three-day event are available on the website, Rethinking Hell Conference 2015. Registration, which is open to the public, starts at 5-6:30 PM, Thursday, June 18, prior to the opening presentation, plenary speech, and Q&A starting at 7 PM. Friday and Saturday events include other plenary talks and themed breakout meetings between 9 AM and 9 PM on Friday and between 9 AM & the close at 4 PM on Saturday, June 20.

The conference features noted evangelical theologians, authors and researchers who will speak and present on a wide range of positions on the doctrine of hell. Speakers and panelists will present papers, give lectures and participate in panel discussions, inviting audience questions and participation.

Among speakers, are:

Oliver Crisp (PhD., University of London), Professor of Systematic Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary and author of the new book Deviant Calvinism;

David Instone-Brewer (Ph.D., University of Cambridge), Sen. Research Fellow in Rabbinics and the New Testament at Tyndale House in Cambridge UK and author of The Jesus Scandals;

James S. Spiegel (Ph.D., Michigan State University), a Professor of Philosophy and Religion at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana and author of The Making of an Atheist;

Jerry Walls (Ph.D., University of Notre Dame) is a Professor of Philosophy at Houston Baptist University and author of Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory: Rethinking the Things That Matter Most;

Robin Parry (Ph.D, University of Gloucestershire), author of the book The Evangelical Universalist (under the pseudonym Gregory MacDonald) and co-edited Universal Salvation?: The Current Debate.

Chris Date, co-editor of the collection Rethinking Hell: Readings in Evangelical Conditionalism and steward of the Rethinking Hell project.

"In the last decade, there has been a growing number of evangelicals who have rejected the traditional view of eternal torment in hell," said Greg Stump, co-editor of the book Rethinking Hell: Readings in Evangelical Conditionalism and organizer of Rethinking Hell Conference 2015. "This conference brings two of the main challengers-conditional immortality and universalism-into a dialogue with proponents of the traditional view to examine the biblical, theological, and philosophical merits of each view. Whether Christians change their minds or not, it definitely seems that there is ample reason to enter conversation with one another as we consider this grave topic."

The conference will present deeply informed and well-established views of the major Christian doctrines on hell in the spirit of open debate and edification for public discussion. Speakers will participate in discussions and be available for question and interviews. The public is invited to join in this lively debate and Q&A sessions.

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