Wednesday, April 17, 2019

I Am Called

Every day I hear people say that they feel that they are "called" to do this or that. When I get a new job, someone always says, "Maybe this is your calling." I am guilty of saying, "I feel I am called to do this..."

Today, listening to Christian talk radio, I heard God speak to me, as He so often does when I am focusing on Him and His Word. He told me, "You are called to do one thing in life. One thing. That ONE thing is to glorify ME."

So, in anything I do from now on, I will ask myself, "Is what I am doing glorifying God?"

The truth is, no matter where I am, or what I am doing at any given moment, I am there by the Grace of God. I am there for a reason: to glorify HIM. So, if I am working in a burger joint, I must make sure that what I am doing is glorifying God at that moment.

For instance, if I am cooking on the grill, and my co-worker looks bothered by something personal, I should try to find out if it is anything I can help him or her with. I should offer words from God that edify and encourage him or her. I should offer my time to help him (serve) to solve his or her problem. And, when they thank me later, I can tell them to thank Jesus, because HE is the reason I did it.

In this way, my mission is where ever God places me at any given moment.

What I do to Glorify God tells the world who I am:

I am a princess of the King of the Universe.

I am a warrior for Christ.

I am a child of the Living God.

I am who God has called me to be.

Who are you?