Friday, February 8, 2019

Jesus My Advocate

On judgment day, I will stand before the judge of all time; and He will look at me, with every sin I have ever sinned, and every failure I have ever experienced, and He will see all the dirt that is on my soul. Then He will ask me, "Who is your lawyer? Whom have you paid to be your advocate?"

And I, who am so unworthy, will smile through my shameful tears and say, "I have no defense except the one who has already suffered in my place. Jesus the Christ advocates for me."

And The Judge will look at His only begotten son and ask, "Is that true?"

And He will say, "I have paid her debt."

The judge will ask, "Do you have proof?"

And Jesus will show Him his nail scarred hands. "Her sins were washed away by my blood that day."

And The Judge will look at me once again, and smile, and declare, "I pronounce you innocent. You may enter into eternal life."