Monday, November 28, 2016

The Greatest Birthday Ever Celebrated... (by Shonda Ponder)

It dawns on me, in the days after Thanksgiving, that our next holiday is Christmas. As I reflect on this, and remember what Christmas is all about, I am listening to praise songs about the birth of Christ on KHCB Christian Radio. Then, moving over to a more worldly thought, I think of my children and the birthdays they used to have.

When we were children, I am sure some of our best memories were the birthday parties that were held in our honor. It was a celebration of the fact that we were born into this world. On a more deeper level, it is a celebration of who we are. The fact that we exist -- that we are here to brighten the lives of those around us with our presence.

But, when we die, who is going to celebrate our birthdays? And, if they do, how many years will it last? It seems kind've strange to have a birthday for someone who is no longer there...

Then, my thoughts wonder back to Christmas: The greatest birthday party ever celebrated; A party that has lasted for over 2,000 years. And, no matter how many people try to distract us from this celebration every year, the holiday has continued to grow and spread.

Christmas: The birthday of a man who came to earth, placed in a manger because there was no crib for him, who grew up and became one of the greatest men the face of the earth has ever seen or heard of. He was God's son, through and through. He taught love, Godly obedience, mercy, forgiveness and hope. Then, as humbly as he was brought into the world, he died being nailed painfully to a cross, with a crown of thorns on his head. His last words, before announcing that his job was finished were, "Forgive them, for they know not what they do."

And today, we celebrate His birth. We celebrate it, not because He was born, but because He existed -- then, and now. He is alive. His life is celebrated, not His birth -- just as OUR life is celebrated with each birthday that rolls around. At the end of our lives, our birthday parties are not celebrated. But, at the end of his visit to earth, HIS life was just beginning. Today, we see Him in every good thing that exists. And, on Christmas, we remember the sacrifices He made so we could, and we celebrate.

This Christmas, I pray that when you look back on your lives, and build memories with your families, you are able to see what the celebration is all about, and that you take as many moments possible to stop and Praise Him, because HE is what Christmas is all about.

So, let us all celebrate -- not just on Christmas Day, but on every day that leads us to it, and every day thereafter. And, on Christmas, let's all throw the best party we can in His honor!

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