Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Hem of His Garment (by Rose Marie)

Luke 8:43-48 a story of true faith. A woman was ostracized by society, a woman that had been suffering for 12 years. She had used up all her money, seen every physician around, and nothing worked. She was broken, depressed, lonely, hurting, and sick and weak in her body. But then she heard about this man named Jesus who healed people and performed great miracles. Her heart was quickened, hope was awakened and she went forward to meet Him in the crowds.

I can close my eyes and picture the crowds pressing in, the loud noise as every one called out as he passed and I turn and see this woman....tired, worn, weak, sick and knowing she wasn't allowed to mix with people.because her illness made her unclean.... I see a new light of hope in her eyes as she spies him coming closer and closer. The war going on in her mind knowing society states she can't go forth among them but knowing all her hope and faith ride in this one man.....

I see her stepping out, tears streaming down her face as determination and true hearts desire command her to press through the masses and touch this Jesus.

As the crowd pressed in, flesh to flesh did she have to drop to her knees and push in, her hand stretched forth?? Did some step on her or push her in their haste?? Her eyes are fixed on other sight can fill her vision, only Him...Her ear harkened towards His voice. None of the shouts can penetrate... It's all Him, only Him!!!

Suddenly she breaks through!!! It's him!!! Her fingers brush against just the hem of his garment and suddenly her body is filled with His healing power and she is made whole!!!!

A joy floods her soul, her back straightens, and then she hears him say.... Who touched me??

She answers and says it was me Lord, I can hear the tremble in her voice as suddenly she is afraid of what she has done....

But He turns to her in verse 48 and says.....and he said unto her, Daughter, be of good comfort; thy faith hath made their whole, go in peace.

No matter what your issue is today... He is right there in the crowd... Push through, reach out and touch the hem of His garment!!! Let your faith make you whole!!!

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