Saturday, August 6, 2016

A member of the party that wins...

I've come to the realization that the only One who can fix our nation, our homes, our problems, our jobs, our children, or just plain our lives, is Jesus.

While everyone is clamoring over whether or not to support war of any kind, I've chosen to step out of that fight to fight for something that I know will make a difference. I have decided to enlist as a soldier on the side that I already know is going to win, because God said so.

There is a bigger issue than what some political party or other is doing or believing. The issue is: Will you stand up for Jesus? Will you go where HE sends you? Will you trust Him when things aren't working the way you hoped? Will you love Him through your tears?
Will you let Him love you?

When He comes back, I plan on riding that cloud with Him. I plan on watching Him smile when every knee bows and every lip confesses that He is, indeed, Lord. I plan to yell "Hallelujah, Praise to His Name! He IS worthy!" as He dawns the crown that says He's King of Kings and Lord of Lords! And, I plan to mean it!

I refuse to let my life on this earth be defined by the name of some party that only partially represents me. When I rise from my knees every morning, I am convinced that I am fully represented by Him in Heaven, therefore it is my duty to fully represent Him with my life while on this earth.

There is a bigger war, a greater fight, and you don't have to wait until November to vote for which side you are on.

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