Thursday, March 26, 2015

It's okay to be angry at God...

This was posted earlier (January 15th) on my personal blog. I thought it fit here...

God doesn't care if you are mad at Him, so long as you are still obedient.

Read about Jonah, if you want proof. He stayed mad at God, and what he did for God, he did grudgingly.

I guess Jonah's story would be like God telling us Patriots to go to the land of Islam and tell them that God loves them, and if they don't repent and change their ways and follow Him, they are going to be destroyed. Many of us would say, go ahead, God, destroy them! But, it isn't the Christian thing to do.

It isn't what God would have us do, like it or not. And, when they have murdered our sons and daughters and tortured our loved ones and profaned our animals and our property...and THEN decide to turn and change their ways because one of us went to preach the love and mercy of our God to them, how many of us would be SOOO angry that God didn't still destroy them?

Jonah stayed angry at God. Will you?

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