Tuesday, October 18, 2016

One prayer can bless the whole world! (by Rose Marie)

Read the 1st chapter of 1 Samual.

Hannah was barren. She desired children with her husband whom she loved and who loved her with his whole heart. But she couldn't conceive. She was ridiculed, verbally assaulted, and laughed at every day.

As her family made the journey to make their sacrifices to God at the temple, she went and sat outside the steps. She sat and cried and prayed with a broken and sincere heart all night long. To the point when Eli, God's prophet marked her lips, he believed her to be drunk. She wasn't. She was broken before the Lord begging HIM for a child and promising HIM, that if He opened her womb, she would in turn give the child back to the Lord once the child was weaned.

She became with child, and when her SON was weaned she took him to the temple and left him in service for God. His name was Samuel and he became one of the great prophets that stood with both Saul and David.

Her heartfelt prayer, that she prayed hour after hour without pause touched God's heart. Her unselfish promise gave the world Samuel, a true prophet of God, and she in turn went on to have more children. Her heart was made full.

What are you seeking? How bad do you desire it? Is it in line with God's word?

It's time that we seek God with our whole hearts and love and trust HIM with our whole beings. Just like the saints of old.... It's time to fall in love with God and seek HIM first with our whole hearts. Sometimes praying all night long..... making the world question our sanity... But not caring because we are living one on one with our SAVIOR.

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