Monday, October 3, 2016

Give it all to Jesus!

Read Romans chapter 12

On December 31, 2013 I made a decision to walk away from insecurity, hurt, bruises, being behind on rent, having no food in my refrigerator and all I had to wear was my uniform that let me work at a REAL PART TIME job. I had no car to get to work with either.

I got on my knees and decided to make Jesus my world. I gave my whole LIFE, as tattered and broken as it was, to Him. I held nothing back.

Every morning from that day forward, each time I opened my eyes in the morning, I found myself looking for ways to thank HIM for the peace that I had in my life...finally. If I had gained nothing else, the peace was enough.

When I walked out the door, no one stopped me from looking for ways to serve my Jesus. Opportunities just fell into my lap. Within a week, I was working a full time job with benefits, doing something noble and pure that I know my Jesus would approve of. Today, not even 3 years later, I am a Supervisor at that same job.

I have more clothes than I know what to do with. I have two freezers and a refrigerator, and what would fill two full sized cabinets of food in my home. I am driving my second OWNED vehicle!

And, I owe it all to Jesus.

I am single, whole, and fulfilled. I am happier than I have ever been in my life. I am not just saying that to put on a front (as I've been accused of), but I am truly happy. And, I am not looking to change my life in any way, except to let Jesus keep improving me. I am content, and my life is more abundant than ever!

No, the Bible is not about health and wealth. It is about contentment and being better today than you were yesterday. It's about loving people, including yourself, in spite of your imperfections. It's about being different, and letting that difference shine bright enough that others can see the Father's love through YOU!

No matter where you are, God can use you just like you are, to do for Him what He created ONLY YOU to do, in order to glorify HIM.

Give it all to Jesus today!

It doesn't matter if you are saved. I have been saved for years. But, have you given your life truly to Him? That is the question you should ask yourself.

When I was a child, I dedicated myself to Him. He reminded me of that every day of my life since then, until I finally learned what it meant to give it ALL to Him! I have rededicated my life to Him, and I have not looked back since, except to praise Him for how far He has brought me!

Give it all to Jesus today!

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