Saturday, June 13, 2015

Featured Web Site: Rafter J Cowboy Church

The vision of Rafter J Cowboy Church is to establish and perpetuate a church with a ministry to the old west culture. To create a church family of individuals who have experienced the life changing effects of a relationship with Jesus Christ.

We will put our faith into action by reaching out into the cowboy culture to establish relationships with the lost, and share with them the good news that Jesus died for them and is longing to know them personally.

We envision a family of believers committed to making a positive impact on our culture and community by standing for biblical principles.

We have a vision of creating a place where worship is an act of the heart, soul, and mind; a place where the people we are reaching out to, feel at ease; a place of spiritual comfort for the weary; a place where those who have fallen find a hand to help them up.

We have a vision of establishing a place to teach the gospel from the pulpit, in the classroom, and in the arena of life (literally). We have a vision of teaching life skills, ministry skills, and cowboy skills in an environment that supports physical as well as spiritual growth. For the equipping of the Saints for the work of the ministry, and for the edifying of the body of Christ.

Check out more about the Rafter J Cowboy Church by clicking HERE

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