Sunday, June 14, 2015

1st Bikers Church Update: The Armour of God!

Ephesians 6:10-17 is what Brother Matthew preached about today. It was a really powerful sermon! But first, he explained that as Christians, it is our job to go out and win souls, and if we don't know how to do that, then we need to come and talk to him at the end of the service. He said that we shouldn't be judgmental about them because they are different. It's a given that they are going to be different. Our focus should be on getting them into the Kingdom, THEN we can worry about everything else.

I like hearing Matthew preach because he uses stories to make his point. It captivates our attention, and drives the point home with a harder blow. I couldn't help but think that Jesus did the same thing. Only, they were called "parables". I can understand why people followed Him by multitudes, hungry for the Word to be preached in a way they understood it. Having said this, it is not surprising how our church is growing under Matthew's leadership.

The story Matthew told today was this:

Imagine you are in a burning office building. You know the way out of the building, so you head for the door. Everything is going up in flames around you. On your way out, you see a man who is dressed in shorts and a tank top, who is bumping into the walls because he doesn't know the way out. He's panicking. What do you do? You are not going to stop and turn to him and say, "DUDE! Why are you wearing shorts and a tank top! This is an office building! What are you thinking?" No. You show him the way out, and THEN you address what he is wearing.

He made the point that it's the same with us. We don't address the sin until AFTER salvation has occurred. You don't get right and go to God. You go to God to get right. This is also why we are not to judge others, but that we ARE called to hold each other accountable as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Then he preached the best sermon ever on the Armour of God.

You wouldn't leave the house without your clothes on, would you? You wouldn't go to war without your guns. Why would you leave home to face spiritual warfare without your Armour on, then?

Can't wait until tonight for Brother Matthew's next "best sermon ever"!

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