Monday, February 15, 2016

When Your Cup Overfloweth

When God has blessed you abundantly, when "your cup overfloweth" and you have more than you need, the next step is to look for someone that God wants to bless with what you have to give.

For instance, recently, I was blessed with a new mattress and box springs. I have a mattress and box springs already, but I have been unable to sleep on it due to the normal wear of my body from hard working. However, the bed is still in good condition and would be perfect for someone who doesn't have one at all.

I have asked God to bless me with someone who needs what I have to give. He did. A lady moved into my apartment complex recently who had nothing at all. No furniture. Only a change of clothes. But, God has blessed me with more than I need in plates, silverware, and furniture. I could not wait to offer God's blessing to her.

When you are blessed, it is not for you to keep what you have, but for you to use what you have to bless others. God provides what you need to survive. When He blesses you with more than you need, it is for the explicit purpose of being His hands and feet to bless others.

I tell you my stories so that you will learn from me what I have learned from Him. There is no greater blessing than to bless others with what you have to bless them with!

So, go right now and sift through your closets and cupboards and storehouses. See all that God has blessed you with that you are not using. Find someone who obviously needs it more than you do and BLESS THEM IN THE NAME OF JESUS!

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