Monday, February 22, 2016

Too Blessed to be Ungrateful

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

I woke up this morning counting my blessings. I hate automated calls...but no matter how many complaints you have throughout your day, you should always be aware of the blessings surrounding them! I have learned that the Blessings always out-weigh the curses! For instance:

Blessing: I woke up this morning
Complaint: to a ringing phone
Blessing: I have a phone
Blessing: I have a bed to sleep in
Complaint: before the alarm went off
Blessing: I have an alarm clock

There are twice as many blessings as there are complaints. Remember that as you start your day!

I learned early on not to depend on others because of the fringe benefits they get for helping me. My family accused me of being ungrateful for all the things they did for me...but usually it was during a time they wanted something in return. My response was always the same: I didn't ASK for your help.

But, over time, I realized that a simple "Thank you" WAS in order, and I had failed to even give THAT. It wasn't until I started saying, "Thank you", that I realized that I had so much to be thankful for, and I was encouraged to do for others in return.

When I began to pass the blessings on, people stopped asking so much from me. No one can accuse me of being "ungrateful" today. I am BLESSED, and I try to show it by being a blessing whenever I can!

Part of being grateful is taking responsibility for your own actions in life. Until you realize that you have much to be thankful for, and that you have failed to acknowledge that, you will always have complaints about what you are given, and you will never see the reasons that God has allowed those things in your life.

I have learned that many of the things I have complained about in my past were great blessings in disguise. But, only after I learned to Thank God for what I was going through.

A death of a loved one? I met some people I had previously not known who, had they not have existed, my own life would not have been as blessed. Furthermore, they became integral parts of my life. I don't thank God for the death of my loved one, I thank Him for the opportunity to be able to see them again someday!

My car wouldn't start? What if there was a bad wreck up the road that my car not starting had prevented me from?

No money? I was able to find resources that I didn't have. It, in turn, enabled my independence even more, and my confidence and trust in God. PLUS, it taught me what I needed to help others in a similiar situation who did not know.

There are so many blessings to be grateful for. The best way to make a blessing into a curse is to be ungrateful. And, the best way to turn a curse into a blessing is to be grateful!

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