Monday, January 11, 2016

What my pastor did about the rowdy kids at our church

By Joshua Rogers
Published January 10, 2016

When I started going to my church in May of 2005, we had about 75 people regularly attending, and almost all of them were single. These days, our church is much larger, thanks in part to the folks who are now married and have kids — lots of them.

At Church of the Resurrection in Washington D.C., the kids are present during the music and communion each week, which sometimes makes for a rambunctious worship experience. Kids have been known to dance during the songs, bolt across the room during the Lord’s Supper, and one time, my daughter walked right onto the stage and into my arms while I was leading worship.

I imagine it’s hard for some of the folks at our church — Lord knows it’s hard for me to keep focused on Jesus when my kids are loudly trying to whisper their Sunday School lesson to me. That’s why I appreciate this message my pastor sent to our church's congregants email list:

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