Saturday, January 2, 2016

Featured Ministry: USA Church

Pastor Steven Andrew helps people know God and God’s plans. He teaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ from the Holy Bible. As president of USA Christian Church, chairman of the National Day of Prayer Revival Force and an author of Christian living books, he shares God’s hope and love. To bring Christian liberty, abundance, security, peace and strong families, he is uniting the USA in Christ.

Pastor Steven Andrew is pastoring the USA to make a strong Christian nation where Jesus Christ is exalted and Christians are honored, and to have a covenant Christian nation government like our founders believed. All glory to God, there have already been over one million people who have prayed to become a Christian or rededicated their lives to God.

As a Christian leader he is frequently in the news and on radio, TV and other media making disciples as Jesus said in the Great Commission.

To visit the USA Church, pastored by Steven Andrew, click HERE

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