Monday, October 19, 2015

Inviting someone to church...

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(Originally written on Friday, October 16)

Last night I went to the new Walmart in Wake Village to get something to eat and some tea and sugar (gotta have my tea a sugar!)

When I got to the checkout, a young black lady greeted me with the most beautiful smile! She asked me, "How are you doing?"

I smiled back and said, "I am totally blessed!" and she said, "Me, TOO!"

I said, "I can tell. It's the only reason you would be smiling behind a cashier counter at 11:30 at night in Wal Mart." LOL

She just smiled again.

I felt a nudge from God.

I said, "Do you go to church?"

Her expression changed for a split second, then she said, "I haven't found one I felt at home at."

I said, "Oh, PLEASE come visit US!"

She asked me where I went to church. (hehe) I told her, "1st Bikers Church...and we welcome EVERYONE! Come in t-shirts, blue jeans, as you are. As long as you are covered."

She asked me where it was located.

She said, "THAT sounds like a church who would welcome everyone. LOL"

I said, "We are all sinners, in need of a Savior..." then I paused and said, "Even AFTER we are saved."

She smiled even broader and said, "THAT is SO TRUE! AMEN!"

I think we might have a visitor coming...

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