Monday, October 19, 2015

Church Pew Bar Stool...and Miracles

I hopped bars for 3 years after I turned 21. I owned a bar for about a year. I have been promiscuous, homeless, an unwed mother, a divorced woman, jobless, hopeless, and hurting. I have seen others just like me.

I became a charter member of 1st Bikers Church in 2006 or 7...and my whole life has changed. I look around me each time I attend, and I see people just like me. People who once were where I came from. Some who came from much worse places. At 1st Bikers Church, we love them all. We accept who they are when they walk through the door. We pray them into being what God has called them to be.

I have seen people I never thought would step through the doors in that church come in and feel the touch of Jesus on them, and I have watched the miracle of seeing their lives change...because they can't help it...they gotta have more.

THAT's the miracle. THOSE are the GREATEST miracles. Even greater than the Tami Morgans who were healed from breast cancers and the MeeMaws who had heart defects and weren't supposed to live past the age of five.

If you want to see a miracle...come join us! You will only need to look at the person who sits in pew beside you in order to see it.

Jesus invited the poor in spirit, the hurting, the heavy laden. It's obvious that He is there when we worship at 1st Bikers Church! And, there, we learn how to carry Him with us as we go out the doors of the church into the world that THOUGHT it had us!

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