Wednesday, April 21, 2021

God's Laws #2: No idols

Exodus 20:4,5

I saw an ad on Facebook about this "bracelet" that could help people become "tuned in to the universe" in such a way that it would help them become successful, and how to acquire one for one's self.

THIS is what God is talking about when He talks about "graven images" and "idols".

That picture of your grandmother that you would kill over if someone broke it? It's an image of a likeness that has become "sacred". God wants to be the only "SACRED" part of your life. Everything else is HIS to give you.

That statue of Buddha you got on your front porch. How many times have you rubbed it's belly for luck? God wants you to understand that the source of your blessings is HIM alone. Not that Buddha statue that you believe holds some power over your "luck".

Note: Corrections have been made as to the order of the commandments on this blog

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