Tuesday, January 19, 2021

God Heard Their Cry!

Read Exodus Chapter 3

When you are stuck, when you are anxious, alone, imprisoned, persecuted for being who you are, when you are enslaved, in a place of struggle where you see no way out, and when you cry to God because of it, God HEARS you!

Everything in life happens for a reason. We may not know the reason, but we have to trust God's plan. And, we have to pray.

Jesus said that if we pray constantly, and keep petitioning God for our relief, God will hear us, and He WILL act, if only just to shut us up. (Luke Chapter 18)

God heard the cry of His people, and God already had a plan. He had placed Moses in Pharoah's home as a baby to be educated and trained in leadership. Now Moses had fled and went to the wilderness to learn to survive. He had all the qualities God was looking for to lead His people out of Egypt now, and God called Moses to do so.

Moses thought he was unqualified. He was MORE than qualified. God had made sure of it! Sometimes the qualities God sees in us, the qualities He had trained us to have, unbeknownst to us, are the very qualities that God needs in order for us to bring glory to Him!

His people were stuck. And, God called a man who stuttered to do the job. And, because Moses was not a good speaker, God even equipped Moses with someone who could talk for him.

When God sends you to do a job, He gives you the ability to get it done!

So, if you are stuck somewhere in your life, feeling like you are spinning your wheels, feeling as if you have no choice but to give up, look around: God has heard you! Sometimes your "burning bush" is that problem that is right in front of you!

Fear not: God is with you! God would not give you opportunities to better your life if He did not intend for you to use them, no matter how small the opportunity seems.

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