Saturday, September 26, 2015

Be a Good Neighbor, and Spend Time with Your Family on September 28!

On Monday, September 28, it is National Family Day. We, at God Inspires, encourage each of you to spend time with your families today.

Have dinner together around the supper table. Talk about what concerns you as a family and how you can grow closer to one another through-out the year.

Or, plan an outing together. Take the family to a movie, (The War Room is playing!) or a picnic in the park...just you and your family. Just because. Build good and lasting memories.

And, don't forget: make sure you pray together! After all, the family that prays together, STAYS TOGETHER! Make sure you include God in your plans. After all, without HIM, you would not be blessed with the family you have!

And, while you are celebrating, make sure you do something nice for your neighbors! Mow his yard for him without asking. Take them a rose bush to plant by their porch (better yet, plant it for them!) Paint their fence. Bake them a cake. Do something to show them that you appreciate having them in your lives. National Family Day is also National Good Neighbor Day!

Be a Good Neighbor. Jesus Christ is there!

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