Thursday, April 9, 2015

Praising God in Spite of Heartbreak

I just got back from Church at 1st Bikers Church. The house was packed. We did just like I said we would; we praised God through our tears. Brother Matthew's heart was breaking, but I do believe that through his tears, he sang the best he has ever sang. Then I do believe he preached the best sermon he's ever preached.

Through all this, I failed to ask for prayer for Brother Matthew. Brother Danny was hands and feet Matthew didn't have. He depended on Danny for a big part of the load...and now he needs to know that he can turn to all of us.

Maybe this was why God decided we didn't need Danny any more. Maybe Danny did such a good job in serving Him, that God felt like it was time for Danny to take a vacation, and let us learn to depend on God more. God has hands and feet everywhere, not just on Brother Danny...and it's time that some of us learn how to BE those hands and feet.

We don't know why God took Danny. It's not for us to know. After all, God has said that His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts. And, if all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose, then we have to just TRUST Him.

That's what tonight at 1st Bikers Church was all about: Trusting God, in spite of our heartbreak.

And, not letting Satan win.

You see, our church is a God-fearing, Blood-bought, Jesus-preaching, soul-loving, community-serving church. Therefore, there is a big black TARGET on us in Satan's war-room. But, Praise GOD, everytime he throws a dart at us, we get stronger -- because GOD says, "Oh, yeah? WATCH THIS!"

We will miss Brother Danny, but he isn't God. We will love and and pray for and help hold Debbie and their kids up with all of our spiritual might, and, in the end, we are determined, as a church, to give GOD the glory!

We love you, Matthew C. Butler. How can we serve better? How can we help fill the void? Just ask.


  1. So sorry for your church's loss. I know you feel it deeply! Praying with you.

    1. Thank you, Rosa! But God is GRACIOUS. He uses heartbreak and trouble to bring Glory to Himself, and I am privileged to witness how He is using THIS to do so now! I loved Danny Ray, and tears come every time I see that empty pew space. But, because of our love for what Danny stood for, God is working overtime right now to show up and show out for our church. We continue to Praise God through our tears, and He keeps bringing us new souls to love!