Sunday, February 7, 2021

Prepare for the Passover! (Exodus Chapter 12)

(This is written as if it is happening THIS YEAR: 2021. I realize it is not yet March. But, if you are planning to observe The Passover correctly, then you need to prepare for it!)

On March 22, each house should take a lamb that is without blemish. However many people who can eat one lamb is covered, so if the house is too little, then he can share with his neighbors.

The lamb can be a sheep or a goat. It has to be less than a year old, and it has to be without any defects.

On March 26, all of the people shall gather together to kill their lambs in the evening time. They should take a hyssop and strike over the door posts with the blood of the lamb (so that the angel of death passes over them). Once you do this, you MUST remain INSIDE your homes until the morning.

They will then roast the lamb over fire. It shall be seasoned with bitter herbs and eaten with unleavened bread.

When you roast the lamb, it must be roasted COMPLETELY with fire. EVERY PART OF ITS BODY MUST BE INTACT as it roasts. Don't cut off the head or gut it.

Do not use water on it at all to baste it or anything else. It must be done with FIRE ONLY.

Your family and neighbors must eat ALL of it! There should be nothing left over in the morning.

You should eat it as if you are in a hurry. And, you should eat it as if you are ready to bug out and run! You should have your clothes on, your shoes on, and anything you need to carry within reach.

From March 26 until April 1, you are to ONLY eat unleavened bread. There should be NO LEAVEN in your houses. And, you should do NO WORK for those 7 days, except the work you need to do in order to eat.

This is to be observed EVERY YEAR, so that when your children and grandchildren ask "Why are we doing this?" You will tell them the story of how God delivered the Israelites from Egypt.

This observance is to be a lesson for the generations to come. It is to be a reminder of who God is and what God can do!

For those who believe in Jesus, remember that HE is the Lamb. He has ALREADY been sacrificed. Any observance of eating lamb and unleavened bread can be a substitution for the killing and roasting of the lamb, as long as you do it in remembrance of what Christ has done for you!

The Passover is STILL to be celebrated. Jesus said nothing about stopping it. Instead, He said, "This do ye in remembrance of ME" (Luke 22:19)

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